5 Top Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Summer

So you’ve finally decided to do yourself & your business a favor – you’re taking time off & going to reap the rewards of a holiday
: rejuvenation of mind & body, finding the vital inspiration & fresh new perspectives & restoring real connections with family & friends.

Good for you! And you can toss out those anxious thoughts of going bankrupt. Secure your business running money for you while you’re away by taking these 6 steps:

  1. Get clear

Before you do anything else -get clear! Decide how much time you want to take off during the Summer & decide what you want to achieve in your business financially in that time.

Being clear on your timeframe off brings insight in how much you need to do beforehand to ensure your financial goals in the Summer period.

Being clear on your financial goals in your business bring the vital focus, meaning & motivation you need to prepare for the Summer Holidays.

  1. Commit

Commit to yourself by blocking off your Summer time off NOW so you don’t schedule work out of habit. Yes, that happens, especially since we enjoy our work so much.

Commit to your clients by communicating your boundaries clearly & timely. Let your clients know 6 weeks beforehand that your availability will be limited; they will respect you for that. Set up email & social media; it’s the best way to let clients & prospects know your holiday policy & how soon they can expect a reply.

Commit to the work that needs to be done by cutting the work to the core. Automate & delegate with the 80/20 rule in mind. Yes, 20 % of what you do creates 80% of the results. So calculate: what is the 20 % you need to focus on & what can you delete, automate & delegate? And block the 20% that you need to do in advance in your schedule now.

  1. Delete

Time to tidy up all aspects of your business before the Summer for focus & profit. Some tips to start:

Declutter your physical workspace & give it a good cleaning so you’ll come back to a fresh office.

Declutter your digital workspace & make space for new ideas to flow in.

  • Clean up your desktop to get that crisp & clean feeling when you start the day!
  • Files – arrange your current projects in working files in your documents to see at first glance.
  • Storage- the rest of the files you need to keep – think functional here! – in a filing cabinet in the cloud.
  • Reassess your software & unsubscribe if you don’t use it anymore
  • Clear out your email: Reduce & separate work / private accounts, unsubscribe with Unroll.Me from multiple unwanted promotional emails, switch the dates in your inbox – first email in on top (change settings!) & handle it – now.

Declutter your social media – close the profiles you’re not using anymore. Do a tight brand check for each social media channel you use: profile photo, cover photo, icon, bio & description are up-to-date / URL check / icons on the main business website.

Declutter your finances – pay those outstanding bills & arrange automatic payment for the ones coming up.
Go all in & experience the magic of tidying your business; download the free guide to Decluttering Your Business for more profit, impact & meaning now & succeed!

  1. Automate

Make sure you have deleted all the garbage in  your business before you go to this step – after all,  automated garbage is just faster garbage!

Automate your marketing. Do a checkup on your sales funnel & create a fresh – valuable – freebie to attract new prospects. Don’t have a sales funnel? Then now is the time to create one; even if you have nothing to sell (yet), use the funnel to start or continue to grow your email list & build your audience. Do it well – offer great value – & you’ll have new clients lining up coming back from your vacation!

Automate any passive income streams you’ve created in the past & that are still valuable & in alignment with your business. Use your sales funnel to boost sales from those services & products in your business that don’t require you to work on during the time off. Think books, courses, selling off stock. Start the promotion of these now & let the profits flow in over the summer.

Automate your social media by scheduling your articles. Write new content in advance with the Summer theme in mind to keep your content fresh & your audience engaged. Use a free scheduler (such as Hootsuite) to prevent your media pages getting stale while you’re on vacation.

Don’t want to schedule in advance? Then put up a message on all your social media channels that you’re unplugging during your Summer holidays.

Automate your payments. Arrange automatic payments for your payments coming up & automate sending out the invoices you have to send over the Summer holidays.

If you don’t feel comfortable automating some of the above tasks, then delegate the tasks.

  1. Delegate

If you’ve never delegated before or experience fear of outsourcing – yes, that’s real! –  taking time off is the occasion to seriously start delegating.

Obviously, it depends on your business & your position in your business, but to give you an idea, here are some of the big things you can outsource, starting this Summer holiday:

  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Online payment
  • Newsletter creation
  • Website management
  • Website design

With delegating, you still own your business & your content but you free yourself from the day-to-day responsibilities & the need to be present. Experiencing just that can be a holiday in itself!

And maybe the most important tip that just came into my mind…. Follow through!

Decide that you will reach your goals with ease & joy & follow through. Stop trying to do & be it all for once. Walk the talk of a real leader aka taking good care of your business & that business is YOU!

Follow through & book your FREE session for your Sizzling Summer Strategy now & make this Summer your best ever!

And do share your top tips to get your business ready for Summer  – we’re all on this journey together!


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