3 Best Tips To Beat The Daily Busy

Being busy. I used to love it! Loved, loved, loved it – looking back I can honestly say I was addicted to it, addicted to the high of being busy.

Because being is so easy & so rewarding! Right?!
You let yourself be guided by the madness of the day, react to whatever is coming & you never have to make a conscious decision yourself. How easy is that?

You feel you’re going with the flow, are always on the go & before you know another day of hard work has gone by. How rewarding is that?


But be honest now, does being busy really pay off?

Does it make you do the things that matter most to you & your business?

Does it leave you energized & fulfilled at the end of the day?


Hell no! Being busy did not do it for me & it will not do it for you either.

Being busy is getting us – & our business – nowhere.

It took me years to get this – after all being busy is highly valued in our society  – but I’ve managed to beat the busyness with a bang.

Here are my 3 best tips to take back your time & rule the day; leveling up your business & yourself, successfully & joyously:


  1. Start the day with intention


Start your day by setting your intentions. Decide what you want to accomplish & how do you want the day to look like.

Taking charge at the start of the day by deciding what’s important & setting your intentions accordingly provides you with a framework for the day – what’s essential to act on & what’s not. Intentions are your inner compass, keeping you from wandering while inducing focus & efficiency.

At the same time setting your intentions boosts your motivation & empowers you to be pro-active, to take greater control of your life. Sure, you’re still going through the daily business, but you’ll be able to handle it so much more efficient now that you’ve set your inner compass.

Put your intentions on paper like I do in a morning journal or listen to this guided meditation Setting Your Intentions  & sail through your day, getting the work done that really matters in the most effective way.


  1. Build in think-time

The more time you work in your business, the less time you spend thinking about your business aka working on your business. Being a slave to the daily busyness is not going to get you & your business ahead. Taking time out to think will. Designate think-time in your daily work schedule & relax into your mind. Simply reflect on what you want to accomplish that day, what you’ve done, what’s ahead, just let your thoughts wonder. Or take a specific question in mind, a challenge that you’ve set yourself, a spark of creativity you want to elaborate on, anything is possible as long as it’s stretching you out of your daily routine for just a few minute. Take your think-time daily & experience the magic of a few minutes of meaningful mind-wondering.


Or notch it up & do like the smart leaders in bizz do (including me!) – take a Think Day on a regular basis!


  1. Schedule your breaks

Need to work for a few hours with full attention? Then take 5-minute breaks regularly to keep sane & maximize your focus. Yes, it’s scientifically proven that our brain needs a recharge every 25 minutes of intense focus to perform at its best & to keep the frazzle at bay. No breaks means losing your focus & your logic so set your time & schedule your breaks – 25/5. (This technique is known as the Pomodoro technique, a proven recipe to reach your best focus & flow.


I often use this technique when I’ve got an article to finish. The free Tomato timer gets me focus for 25 minutes & makes sure I keep hydrated, taking tea in the 5-minute break. Win-Win!


These 3 tips make the difference to my day. Sure, I do on occasion still fall under busyness’s seductive spell – that’s okay.

I’m not perfect & easily jump back on track with these 3 best tips to work smarter, not harder.

And so can you! Let me know how these tips work for you & do share your top tips on beating the busyness.

After all, we’re all on the journey together!


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